Pupdate: Get Out the Vote Edition

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Today, while doing important reporter-y things and combing reputable news sources for the next big scoop, Bwog received an unexpected call to arms. Mattingly, the lovable boxer who came to relieve stress on campus during finals, needs our help! He and his person are competing for a chance to walk in New Yorkie Runway, a charitable event that raises money to train therapy dogs. It’s a tight competition and other dogs are in the lead right now, but Columbia students could easily make the difference and give Mattingly his day in the spotlight. Vote here, or if you still need convincing, read the email from Mattingly’s agent owner after the jump.

Hi all – We need your help. We are the pet partners who brought our awesome boxer to campus during exams for that event that generated 1600 facebook responses and awesome buzz. Students rocked and loved our goofy boxer. Now we need YOUR help!

We have until Feb 3 to put Mattingly over the top in a NYC online voting contest where Mattingly is a finalist. It’s quick, simple and for charity. We figured since so many students loved Mattingly, you’d be willing to post our request and put Matty over the top by Feb 3 at midnight. We are neck and neck with 3 other dogs. The link:

www.newyorkierunway.com/vote – No need to view the vids. Takes 5 seconds to scroll to the bottom, find Mattingly, vote and spread the word.

Thanks for your help!

 Images courtesy of Mattingly’s owner and Yanyi Luo

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  1. Suzanne

    This is AWESOME! I loved that dog - ROCK THE VOTE !!! I am posting to fbook

  2. I almost  

    Voted for the cute maltese/poodle mix... but Mattingly needs our help!

  3. Cecil

    Can Mattingly be a Write-In candidate for the GOP Primary? He's got my vote.

  4. Laurie

    I heard the campus event was awesome. I just voted for Mattingly. It's a tight race!

  5. OH LAWDZ  

    Someone doesn't know there's a track button. And that someone is SuzanneCecilLaurie.

  6. Truth  


  7. Anonymous  

    The fact that Mattingly is now in first is a tribute to Columbia students' ability to procrastinate.

  8. True story  

    I had a dream last night that Justin Timberlake entered the contest with his dog and immediately shot to number one, leaving Mattingly in third place despite the best efforts of the Columbia community.

  9. DeedDone

    Voted. Mattingly is tied for first place.

  10. Anonymous  

    i want the puppies to come back this semester!!!!

  11. S Shah

    Hey guys,

    Just want to spread the word right now that one of the NYC animal shelters, Animal Haven (www.animalhavenshelter.org), has a mobile van that often parks at 104th and Broadway outside Petland Discounts on some weekend days from 12-3 PM. Please feel free to come on down and visit!
    Also, WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS. Come get some puppy/kitten therapy!

    - S Shah, SEAS '08

    PS: Yes, this is a bit of a shill, but again, it's for puppy/kitten therapy.

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