Roar Lion(s?) Roar: A Bwog Investigation

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Not one, not two, but three

Since the very beginning of his (interim) tenure, Deantini has closed his charming emails to the Columbia College student body with an egregious perversion of our fair fight song’s title. Though the Band may disagree, the title and refrain of our fight song is “Roar, Lion, Roar.” Deantini, however, has continued to sign correspondence with “Roar, Lions, Roar,” leaving Bwog and many of our fair commenters wondering: Where did all the extra lions come from?

The first time this happened, it was understandable. Deantini had just unexpectedly underwent promotion to the position of Dean; these early email-blunders were almost endearing. But as the mistakes continued, we wondered whether Deantini even knew his own school’s fight song. We can now report the truth.

We’ve received confirmation that Deantini does in fact know the proper lyrics of the fight song and was deliberately tweaking them in his email signature—apparently, the “lions” in his signature are meant to refer to all the students, alums, and other members of the Columbia community that receive the correspondence.

And so, we conclude our investigation into DeantiniFightSongGate. Much like Deantini’s own nickname, this incident demonstrates not the ignorance of the College’s dean, but rather an attempt to build community. Delivery of any Pulitzers for our scrutiny of Deantini’s rogue endeavor should be directed to the our office (the Westside aisle with copious cheese samples).

Roar Lions Roar,

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  1. Anonymous  

    I've been waiting for this post for my entire life. thanks, bwog. good to see attention taken towards good causes <3

  2. But this was obvious from the start.  

    Like, clear as day. I mean absolutely no disrespect to Bwog when I say this, but did this really warrant a post? Were people really this misled by the signature?

    Curiously yours,

    • Anonymous  

      I for one was incredibly curious about the seemingly incorrect use of fight song lyrics to end emails. Instead I now feel very relieved to see that Deantini was not making a mess of his electronic missives and instead was single handedly revolutionizing the Columbia identity. Yes, Deantini we are all lions.

      Thank you Bwog for injecting some real spice in my life.

  3. Dear Bwog  

    get a life! Stop nitpicking! He's doing a damn good job as Dean! And actually, the pluralization of "lion" originates from student orientation week. In an attempt to promote community spirit, the orientation leaders referred to incoming students as "lions."

    It's sorta like Lady Gaga's use of "monsters." She may be "mama monster," but her devotees are "little monsters." Paws up!

  4. its been said many times  

    but i'll say it again..
    bwog is going downhill.

  5. Truth  

    This is pointless bullshit. It isn't even funny. My eyes are bleeding.

  6. pedantic & drunk  

    Um, to add to the chorus of criticism: "had underwent"? It's either "had undergone" or "underwent". You can't have it both ways.

  7. CC-Alum

    if you have nothing to say, at least make it two pages long

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