Abandon Sip

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SIP was The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Columbia watering holes: It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but those who sipped were crazy about it. That’s why last night, when a few Bwoggers were looking to have a drink somewhere that wasn’t 1020 or The Heights, they were shocked to find that the café was “Closed for the Season.” Upon checking Facebook, Bwog found month-old posts from the owners declaring that it has been closed for good. Word on the street, is that the closing might have been due to employee dissatisfaction or poor management, but we are certain of nothing. Our hearts go out to the owners and loyal fans. More information is on its way.


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  1. Anonymous  

    every tag on this post is golden

  2. Ugh  

    Went there once, and the host was incredibly gauche. It was during their "free" tapas hour, and he hovered over our table the whole time, intoning, "Order more drinks, get more tapas!!!" Please don't tell us your tapas are free; and please don't serve us crackers and dip and call them tapas. Overpriced and uncomfortable.

  3. Sip is so over  

    i've known about this for a month- behind the times bwog! ;)

  4. Cranberry Vodka Milkshake

    I'll miss you SIP! Best Mac&Cheese in NYC!!! Bye Cyrus and Nashville!

  5. A fan

    I've been waiting for this post for a while. SiP was the greatest and it shall be missed dearly.

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