In Pursuit of the Hangover Bagel

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Another stumbly Sunday “morning” at Columbia University! Now, what carbtastic breakfast can make the pounding, hallucinatory headache go away while simultaneously reaffirming your identity as a legit New York transplant? A bagel. Good luck securing that legendary panacea, however. We were confronted at every turn by two of the worst things in the world: other people and the sun. In other words, lines. For a generation raised on instant oatmeal and instant gratification, lines suck.

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  1. Anonymous  

    is it true that H&H is no more?

  2. Anonymous  

    silver moon is my favorite place in morningside..there is absolutely nussing (puns very much intended) better than a small bakery.

  3. Anonymous  

    "two of the worst things in the world: other people and the sun."

    hahahahahahhahha, yes, Bwog, yes.

  4. ...  

    last time i was hungover i ordered a burrito from bed, but then was horrified by the harsh, cruel nature of the world when i realized that i would still have to put on clothes to receive it.

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