Bwoglines: The Five Pillars of Elsewhere Edition

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Another thing we don't have.

Educational Reform: Changing with the times is not exactly Ivy League style, but the former president of Harvard says it should be. (NYT)

‘Celluloid Barriers’: Barnard’s Athena Film Festival is burning them. (Guardian)

Football: In a land far far away, football is taking over university culture. (NYT)

Transferring: Based on stellar retention rates, we have “happiest” freshmen in the country. (CBS)

Happiness: Based on this study correlating working long hours and depression, we might actually
be lowering our chances at the good life. (LATimes)

Copious amounts of snow via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Twitch

    On transferring, there has to be something else going on. Maybe Columbia freshpeople have too much work to fill out transfer apps?

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