Bwoglines: You Could Have It Worse Edition

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It could be raining!

You could have gone to Fordham and been one of these students (plus a baby). (NYT)

Your overheard comment on the train yesterday could have been made public to the world in general. (Overheard in NY)

Your innocent desire to party could have been tragically misinterpreted by American customs. (Gawker)

Columbia could have cared about its USNWR ranking this much. (CNN)

You could have gotten this surprise in your Art History textbook this semester. (Huffington Post)

Tailgating the old lady via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. OutragedEngineer  

    How can the government make me a forced consumer of birthcontrol when I don't want to use it. Why should my health insurence payments go up because I am now required to receive something I know is morally wrong.

    Why should a catholic priest be required to pay for birth control for his staff, or a catholic university pay for it for its monks, nuns, lay professors, and students! The Catholic Church is not forcing anyone to not use them (though they try to educate) but the Obama administration is demanding that Catholics go against their conscience as well as pay for them

    • Here's an idea:  

      if you receive federal funding, you should abide by federal guidelines. Cool!

    • Because  

      Catholic universities educate students from different religious backgrounds, many of whom are not Catholic. The institution is serving the "public at large"--at least that is the argument. Also, no one is forcing you to buy anything, they are just making sure that option is covered by your health insurance. You can still choose not to partake of birth control.

    • Anonymous  

      I just have three things to say (this is more a general statement about everyone paying taxes to have birth control included in health insurance plans instead of making catholic organizations fund it)
      1). Tax money is spent on a lot of things. I don't believe we should be able to pick and choose what it goes toward, otherwise where would we stop. Personally, my state still uses the death penalty. I am beyond disappointed at this, but still pay. The government can't afford to accommodate everyone's moral objections.
      2). I think you're trying to use Bwog as a discussion forum, which is great. I would just suggest that especially in a more liberal setting like this, you would seem like you actually want a constructive argument with "I strongly believe is morally wrong" rather than "I know is morally wrong". It might make people who disagree with you less defensive.
      3). If you are who I think you are, you will not be carrying a baby any time soon. If I'm wrong about this, I'm very sorry. But in general I'm a bit shocked that men so quickly jump into this argument without ever being able to really know what this means. And I don't either, but I've been raised with fearing the consequences of what could happen if I get pregnant prematurely before I have stabilized my life.

    • Anonymous  

      How can the government make me a forced consumer of a B-52 bomber, something I know is morally wrong, when I don’t want to use it.

      It's called democracy. Get over it.


    Some people don't know what a chav is?! After the riots in London last year?

  3. OutragedEngineer

    You are not forced to pay--there is no co pay, therefore the cost is covered by the employer eg the Catholic Church, a religiously affiliated university, or a hospital. Who cares if you buy your own.

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