Is Your Refrigerator Sunning?

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Remember how when you were a first-year your cool sophomore friend talked about using her windowsill to chill perishables in the winter? One intrepid McBain resident has actually done it. Forget eating in Ferris when you can dine overlooking the shaft the city. Of course, with the recent spring-like weather, one has to wonder how effective the strategy has been. And then the sun hits the bananas for hours…and hours…

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  1. CC 13

    Why is this news? I did this every single day of winter my freshman year in John Jay... and I had a campus-facing room. I could pick out my windowsill from the steps of Low by the stacks of Chobani yogurt on it.

  2. Anonymous  

    you. are. the coolest.

  3. seas 12

    i did this when i was in wien two years ago.

  4. BIRD

    Watch out! I am coming to pick up your food.

  5. silly bwog

    bananas aren't refrigerated!

  6. Anonymous  

    What if there is a gust of wind and the food hits a passerby?

  7. poor pedestrian  

    have seen this everyday from my broadway room and wondered......what if a gust knocked it all down?

  8. Anonymous  

    wow fail....miss the comment before mine.....and they also used gust, damn.

  9. lol  

    campus security has knocked on my room requesting that i remove my items from bway... it's really not allowed b/c it's dangerous to passerbys. the creepy part though is that apparently the dude who reported me from across broadway can see onto my windowsill, aka into my room too...

  10. Anonymous  

    it's just as effective and a lot less unsafe to place your food right up against the window on the INSIDE #thermal conduction

  11. Fisherman  

    I would use a fishing rod to fish the food from your next room. BWOG better standby to take my fishing photo.

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