And Your 2012 Bacchanal Theme Is…

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Update, 9:30 pm: That’s not actually the theme, Dan was joking after all…

According to Bacchanal president Dan Weinstein‘s Twitter, this year’s theme will be Barkanal. When asked if he was kidding, he returned, “Not at all.”

Let’s not let our hopes get too high…

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  1. Anonymous  

    Does anyone realize this is "bark"-"anal".....Abacalypse as another story cause it worked well. This is just stupid.

  2. Anonymous  

    Pitbull? maybe snoop wanted to come back?

  3. Dan Weinstein

    Hey, this is wrong... sorry guys

  4. this is hilarious  

    saw this on my fb newsfeed

    shit columbia students say:

  5. WHAT IN THE  

    ...i don't even...

    but this is genius LMAO!!! and i'm jewish CC dude who has a barnard gf and even she found this funny.

  6. hey guys  

    how does tracking work? I honestly don't understand it, please explain

  7. Anonymous  

    favorite? this might be the best hitler rant yet.

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