QuickTix: Savin’ You Dough Edition

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So. Much. Dough.

Think of all the cookies you could make!

Every two weeks, Bwog’s good friends at CUARTS tell you all the best deals you can grab with your CUID.  What are you waiting for?

Best-sellers last week:

  • Death of a Salesman
  • StickFly
  • BSO Presents The Count Down
  • 2 Dollarama
  • CUCSSA Lunar New Year’s Gala

Campus events on sale now:

Off-campus events on sale now:

Tiny men via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Athena Film Festival  

    All access passes for students are $30, not $65!

  2. does it bother anyone else  

    how inefficiently those gingerbread men are being cut out of the dough? so much wasted deliciousness!

  3. BSO's event  

    was actually called: BSO Presents: The Countdown: 3 dollars, 2 winners, 1 night, (n)0 hands

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