Bwoglines: We All Have Ups and Downs Edition

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Look at this guy

Down: Our favorite Phil says we’ve got more winter.  Because it’s been so harsh so far.  Cute hats, guys. (USA Today)

Up: Columbia is picking local construction firms run by minorities and women for the Manhattanville campus project. (DNAinfo)

Down: Ajay Kumar Mangal, CC’10 Teach for America member and former John Jay RA, was arrested for an improper relationship with a 16-year-old student. (Columbia College Today, Houston Chronicle)

Up: Timothy Donnelly, teacher at the School of the Arts, received this year’s $100,000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. (Washington Post)

Up?: Facebook filed for a $5 billion IPO.  Bwog isn’t entirely sure what this means, but it’s a BFD. (CNN Money)

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  1. Anonymous

    @ajay story,


      • Anonymous  

        looks like pintsize.

        • Anonymous  

          but moreover.

          What the shit?!!?

          And also. That article is so matter-factly written. "Mangal picked her up, took her to eat at a McDonald's and then took her to his apartment, the girl told investigators. He kissed her and told her wanted to have sex with her, she said. They undressed, but Mangal didn't have any condoms. So they went to the store and bought condoms and candy. When they returned they had sex, according to the complaint.

          When Mangal drove the girl home, the girl's mother was waiting for her. The girl later told her mother she had sex with Mangal. Investigators searched the girl's cellphone and discovered she and Mangal had contacted each other by calls or text messages about 900 times between Sept. 8 and Sept. 17."

  2. Anonymous  

    a dead man. i cannot believe he did this.

  3. also  

    where are my law school peeps at? whats going to happen to him?!!?!

  4. Anonymous  

    holyyyyyyyy crap. seriously!!!!! is he going to jail?

  5. hahahaha

    he used candy as bait, awesome move.

  6. ohhh AKM.

    He was always kinda sketchy..

  7. Anonymous  


  8. thats the worst

    I really don't want to believe this. AKM was a gem of a person. yes, sometimes gave off a sketchy vibe, but a really really kind and nice guy. And this is going to ruin his life. forever. think of his family. think of yourself in his position... a young aspiring and intelligent person, who did something super dumb, and then found himself in this situation...

    If its true, shitty move AKM. She was too young. but at least it was consensual.

    But as I said, i really don't want to believe it. I really hate it when bad things happen to good people.

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