The Curse of Fame

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As most celebrities can tell you, being famous isn’t so easy. Pesky laypeople are trying to snap pictures of you left and right, corporations keep begging you to make awkward endorsements, and rehab is expensive. Combine that with the unending deluge of interview requests, and soon your superhumanly perfect face will be covered in wrinkles from the stress. To cope, one of our local booksellers has a somewhat gruesome message for the paparazzi. We suggest giving him a little space…


Is this what happened to the last guy who asked him for an interview?

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  1. actually..  

    thats how i feel after not being offered interviews at career fairs

  2. Anonymous

    i think that skull and the sign are usually by the chess players when they're out, not the book sellers (which would make more sense since i bet the chess players get asked to be interviewed often, though it could just be a big no-interview zone).

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