Limited Supply of Pizza and Deans

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A can't miss combo.

So tomorrow, our women’s basketball team is facing off against Harvard. In case you were planning on trying to squeeze onto those crowded bleachers for some Division I action, you can eat pizza beforehand for no money. After all, nothing goes with not playing sports like vegging out.

Here’s the deal: Deans Shollenberger and Martinez have set up this pizza party thing at 5:30 before the game. The location is TBD, because—and here’s the kicker—only 50 people can go, and it’s first come, first serve. According to CCSC President Aki Terasaki, “There will be foam fingers, pompoms, and plenty of food.” According to the Google Doc where you sign up, the “best part” is that “Dean Shollenberger and Dean Martinez will be there to make sure you’re having a great time!” (emphasis theirs)

Community—we’ve got it!

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  1. We've got community alright  

    oh, but we don't really give a shit about inviting Dean Awn.

  2. dean awn is great but  

    no one gives a shit about gs

  3. Hungry  

    I signed up for this an hour after it was posted. I haven't gotten an e-mail so far. I'm hungry. Also, no one cares about GS.

  4. Luv dis skool  

    > be Columbia
    > be having $8,000,000,000 endowment
    > be having 28,000 students
    > be having pizza party
    > be inviting 50 students to pizza party


  5. Anonymous  

    How far will these people go to justify their jobs? Tweet me.

  6. Anonymous  

    This is a bwog post

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