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Bwog believes in Eli

The New York Giants beat out the Patriots in the last few minutes of this year’s Super Bowl to bring the final score to 21-17. This happened in the world, whether you were watching the game or not. In any event, rest assured that no matter what your affiliation is, there are plenty of commercials to keep you distracted for the rest of your night.

Scant crowd via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    Giants still suck.

  2. Anonymous

    Giants = Blue
    Columbia = Blue
    Ocean = Blue

    I'm getting good vibes right now

  3. What will Boston diners

    be serving for tomorrow's Brady Brunch?

    Eggs, toast, and Manningham.

  4. clueless international

    wait who are the giants? is this for baseball?

  5. Slowpoke  

    Hey guys, did you see Janet Jackson's nipple get exposed on the half-time show??!?!

  6. Michael Bloomberg announced  

    that there will be ticket-tape parade for the Giants on tuesday where they will get the key to the city! Pretty sweet deal.

  7. Amazing

    how the Giants win the World Series and the Super Bowl in the span of around two years. Could this be the start of a dynasty?

  8. giants baby  


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