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This is What Progress Looks Like

All-Business Maren Killackey, along with partner in crime, Sarah Ngu, report on the happenings from the CCSC meeting last night.

Instead of the usual yawner, for the first time this year, CCSC met as a general body in order to hear updates from committees and class councils as well as to set the agenda for the rest of the semester.

CCSC President Aki Terasaki, whose new efficient, get-shit-done persona is much welcomed, noted every proposed agenda item on poster paper, which is now hanging in the Lerner SGO. Next to each proposal is written the respective proposer’s name, the idea being that he or she will be held more accountable for, well… getting shit done. Looks like CCSC might end up being its own watchdog this semester.

Policy: It looks like Policy is gearing up for a busy semester as VP Ryan Cho described a rather lengthy agenda including everything from working with dining to create smaller meal plans to increasing the interaction between groups and admin to making CUIT more responsive to students. (Yes, Cubmail finally moved to Gmail, but according to Kenny Durrell, that should not have taken three to four years to happen.)

Funding: VP Kevin Zhai announced Student Project Grants which will fund your big idea that may benefit the Columbia community for up to $1,500. Zhai also mentioned a need for photographers and rappers to produce creative promotional material that would be posted on a Student Project Grant tumblr.

Campus Life: VP Jasmine Senior said that the Committee would start moving away from large events and focus more on innovation in order to reach their goal of “diversified impact.” Senior outlined plans for a Healthy Living event Part Deux, based on the super-successful initial Healthy Living event which involved yoga and nutritionists held a few weeks ago.

Communications: VP Virat Gupta stated that the Communications Committee would start hosting meet and greets (with free food!) for students and administrators as well as post “how to” videos on the CCSC website informing students of ways to navigate Columbia bureaucracy. The latest is this video about CSAdvising where a handful of advisors introduce themselves; “we really want you to come by because it’s boring if you don’t,” one advisor says. Gupta also said that Communications would take greater measures to “celebrate Columbia,” which apparently translates to CC’13 President Ryan Mandelbaum making more gems like this, only “more G-Rated, and less stupid.”

Class Councils (in a nutshell): The Class of 2012 wants to make such great events that you’ll be super sad about leaving here. The Class of 2013 is launching a “juniors go do stuff” initiative where the details of some sort of class bonding activity will be sent out to every 2013-er in a weekly e-mail. Despite the Class of 2014’s prolonged legal troubles over its infamous t-shirt design, council members have refocused their efforts to planning a major advising event that will take place in Roone sometime in the next few weeks. Finally, the 2015 Class Council members will sponsor even more CCE and CSA programs, in addition to more class unity building events like the formal coming up this weekend.

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