Overseen: Kids Being Kids

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  1. Anonymous

    Did they finish the plaza in front of Noco/Pupin?

  2. Anonymous  

    I don't know why there aren't Columbia students who use that play equipment. I'd so join in.

  3. Anon  

    Also, can we do something about that plot of land that that one green club has? I'm all for them having a garden, but they aren't doing a very good job of keeping it looking good...plus they had rats living in their compost.

  4. Anonymous

    They are probably in some New York fancy preschool learning physics hoping to get into Columbia.

  5. Anonymous  

    I miss that so much... like so many Columbia students, I avoided PE in elementary school. But when they brought out that rainbow parachute...

  6. Anonymous  

    Kids are so cute.

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