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Mountains and mountains await you

Need a little plain old sustenance before your erotic cake adventure tonight? CQA is gathering in the Lerner Party Space at 7:30 pm with what is apparently $800 worth of sushi. That’s a lot of sushi. Sushi and chocolate and cake in unknown forms and shapes: a sexy and classy combination. Don’t miss the opportunity to socialize while awkwardly chewing rolls that are way too big for one bite and make your cheek puff out like a fat squirrel. All we want to know is if they will be artfully arranged into the shape of spring flowers.

Artsiness via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    i'm obviously all for student group funding. wish there was more of it. but if this is how it gets used - huge amounts of kind of expensive food to attract people to the meeting of a student group that, although its mission is fantastic, already has a sizable presence on campus - why not save this money and put it towards, say, hiring an instructor for the core who actually cares about their job, rather than just about getting tenure or finishing their dissertation (see lower down on bwog's front page)

    • Anonymous

      Some of the money they're using probably isn't just from group funding. First Friday sometimes brings in money, so they are using previous profits as well to pay for this.

    • Anonymous  

      I think this might be a decent argument if student groups were rolling in money, but the fact is that student life departments on campus are far beyond miserly. I'd be willing to bet that more money is spent on the student life infrastructure than on the direct group activities, and that the disparity is way more extreme than at other schools.

      I'm the Treasurer for a small student group. Talked to one of our 2-3 mandatory, paid and absentee advisors (note that this is for a group with under 50 students) a couple of days ago. I halfheartedly mentioned how there's an absurd amount of bureaucracy required to do anything as a student group. His straight-faced response? "Well, it's because [we] really try hard to make sure that student groups are autonomous." This, after we worked for a year to get SGB approval, solely so that we could get UEM's and OCAE's blessings to audit every slice of pizza we serve and scrutinize every meeting. As if we only got to the Ivy League by having uninterested grad students hold our hand every step of the way.

      By the time your funding is slowly "permitted" by UEM, OCAE, grant programs/student governments, your governing board, your own e-board and whoever else, it's a wonder there's any left at all. Kudos to CQA for saving money and eventually squeezing well-deserved blood out of a stone. Rethink student group funding, anon...undergrad life is hard-up for money in plenty of areas, but frankly there's no student group funding left to cut. A huge student life funding increase would cost the university relatively little. There is no reason why an event like this should be rare. Absolutely none.

  2. CQAer

    CQA makes an enormous majority of its money outside of University funding. Last year, the allocation was only 1/6 of what CQA had in its account. So cool off please. Queer Sushi gets an average of 100 students each year, which is within the ABC/SGB guidelines of $8/person for a dinner event.

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