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After this week’s high-tension cart showdown, we were alerted to a new Mexican food cart permanently situated on 110th and Broadway in front of Rite Aid.  This 24/7 cart boasts a selection of authentic Mexican food – despite a certain lack of expertise, cart food enthusiasts Victoria Wills and Alexandra Svokos had to investigate.

The tacos ($2.50 each):

Tortilla: Double-layering of soft corn tortillas reduced taco-juice drippage, a key feature for any street food. We also noted the option of the flour tortilla, but stuck to the classic corn.

Meat: We ordered three tacos–chicken with “special” sauce, steak beef and spicy pork. We received three tacos–chicken with ‘special’ sauce, steak beef and chorizo (tomorrow filet mignon?). The ‘special’ sauce on the chicken went unnoticed if it was there at all, although we were not able to carry out a comparison to non-‘special’ chicken. The beef was tender, with just the right amount of taco-truck grease. Out of the three, the surprise chorizo meat was actually the best–spicy but not over-salty, and crumbling to perfection.

Toppings: Quality toppings of cilantro, guacamole, radishes, limes and the option of’ ‘green sauce’ definitely added to the average combination of tortilla and meat.

The torta ($6.00):

Bun: Built like a hamburger, this sandwich is carefully wrapped in paper and foil.  The buns are soft but lasting, not prone to crumbling apart.  Large enough to contain a lot of material.

Meat: We ordered the chorizo and actually got chorizo on this one.  Like in the tacos, it was fantastic.  Not too spicy, but enough to make you notice.

Toppings: A hearty mixture of lettuce, spicy green sauce, mayo, peppers, and a little bit of cheese.  It’s a good mixture that combines nicely with the chorizo and soft bun.

The drinks ($2.00 each): We were impressed by the selection of potentially authentic Mexican soft drinks. We tried the Strawberry Jarritos, whose sugary sweetness reminded us of fake children’s perfume, but in a good way. We also ventured to try the bottled non-alcoholic sangria, which was basically carbonated sugar with a hint of fruit flavoring.  The cart provides a bottle opener so you can start drinking on the spot.

The Verdict: As far as your options go in Morningside Heights (and there are not many), this is a great spot to satisfy a quick taco craving and fills a cart-void we were missing.

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  1. 24/7 my ass  

    Went there last night around 3 and the guy was asleep!

    ....I didn't have the balls (or will) to wake him up

  2. Reminds me of home  

    ...but $2.50 a taco? that's dang expensive for what I can get for $1.50 at home. NY prices, I guess.

  3. Anon  

    The guy who works there is awesome, but only speaks spanish.

  4. Anonymous

    This place is awesome! I got the chorizo taco there tonight, it was delicious.

  5. Anonymous  

    mmmmm this place is the BEST. everyone please tell him to move to 114 when you go, we're trying to get him move up a little bit, more easy access. also, compared to the ridiculous $3.75 tacos at the Taqueria and Chipotles overpriced crap, this stuff is like free heaven. sooooooooooooo good

  6. Anonymous  

    lolz white ppl review ethnic food

  7. Tortas Cubanas  

    was excellent. $8 for a pretty large sandwich (think Milano, not HamDel). Lots of ham, pork, spicy sausage, and cheese. Nice touches with peppers and a whole fried egg on it as well. Definitely recommend giving this a try, even if the walk is kind of far from some dorms.

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