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Cell phone required

Update: this event is next Thursday, not tonight

Tonight, the Columbia Venture Community (CVC) is having an On-Campus Pizza Social at the Barnard Student Dining Room (2nd floor Diana Center @ the SW corner of 119th/Broadway) at 6 pm.  Event will be with students and alums and promises to turn a room full of strangers into a room full of friends.  Through text messages, you will be told who to talk to next – like speed dating but friendlier and more technological!

If you’re not a Kohort member, sign up at http://beta.kohort.com/vip-signup
Then RSVP (or view) the event at http://beta.kohort.com/groups/cvc/events/detail/hg9dp7qltt

Mom’s first cell phone via Wikimedia Commons 

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  1. the last one

    was underwhelming

  2. Confuzzled

    This was supposed to be on the 26th, no? Even now the site says the 16th. So I have no idea when it's actually happening.

  3. My Mom's first cell phone  

    may have actually been that exact model...

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