Bwoglines: Behind the Big Deal Edition

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In it for the money

Jeremy Lin, the Harvard grad who came off the bench to become the surprising new star of the Knicks, is inspired by Tim Tebow. (Gothamist)

The guy with all the frattitude in your lecture may be hiding some deep seated insecurities. (HuffPo)

The Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show (this Monday in Madison Square Garden) will probably have a wealthy backer to pay for their coiffure and kibble. (Slate)

According to Google, “Gchat” isn’t a real word. Bwog begs to differ. (NyMag)

A fashion reporter gives a first impression of New York Fashion Week, and the peons milling around Lincoln Center. (NYT)

Best In Hair Via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Hold a sec  

    that's not just any fashion reporter. That's Cathy Horyn, Barnard '78 alumnus! And my idol!!!

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