Student Appreciation Night in Levien

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Update: Sadly, Yale edged us out for the victory, 59-58.

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If you were ever planning on attending a Columbia basketball game, tonight’s the night to try it. It’s the first ever Student Appreciation Night or, in other words, the Athletic Department’s attempt to lure the more apathetic members of the Columbia community to Levien with the prospect free food and friendly halftime and post-game competitions. All students in attendance will receive delicious chocolate treats compliments of Chocomize. If that doesn’t sweeten the deal enough, at halftime members of various Greek organizations will face off in a TBD hoops contest, which we can only hope will turn out something like this. Stick around after the game for a Worldwide Paper Airplane Contest sponsored by Red Bull. SEAS kids, get cracking — winners could qualify to rep the US at the 2012 Red Bull Paper Wings Championship in Austria.

The Lions (14-9, 3-4 Ivy League) take on the Yale Bulldogs (15-6, 5-2 Ivy League) at 7 p.m. in Levein Gymnasium. Admission is free with a valid CUID, but don’t be late! Tonight’s game vs. Yale will be the third sell-out crowd in Levien this season.


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    did anybody actually check to make sure that athletics is actually authorized to be appreciating students? i'm pretty sure that sort of thing would fall under academic affairs and that such activities might interfere with longer running student appreciation programs that are run by those departments thereby diluting columbia's efforts at attempting to ensure there will be a steady postgraduation income stream... this is a big deal, someone should get legal involved.

  2. eeeek  

    someone get bwog a copy editor

  3. Are you sure that this isn't anouther  

    Occupy event. You guys seem to think everything is these days.

    I went to the mall just to hangout with some friends but I got pepper sprayed for being an activist.

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