Bwoglines: Brave New World Edition

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flying car

It's only a matter of time.

Rest in peace to Whitney Houston, who died unexpectedly yesterday in a Beverly Hills hotel. (LA Times)

It’s better in…Japan? Japanese innovation is back, and this time it has turned its gaze to blue jeans, French food, and espresso. (Wall Street Journal).

The genius behind 5-hour energy spent time living as a monk in India. If only a different set of monks had had his “beverage” to crank out term manuscripts in the middle ages… (Forbes).

Is Chipotle the new Apple? Maybe, since Bwog has been referring to them as ” the genius bar” for a while… (Slate).

Sick of the cupcake craze or can’t get enough? In either case, prepare to get a little more nauseous, as it’s here to stay. (Washington Post).

Mind-controlling cats! Or something like that… (The Atlantic).

Flying car via Wikimedia Commons.

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