Columbia Dhoom Dhominates!

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Best you can get outside of here.

While you were doing something inevitably less productive this weekend, Columbia’s own Bollywood fusion dance squad, Dhoom, was competing alongside eleven similar groups at the alliterative and aptly named South Asian Showdown in Boston. Not only were they competing, they were succeeding! The team placed second in the Fusion/Hindi Film category, tying a group of coreless heathens from Brown and being bested only by Broadstreet Baadshahz of Philadelphia, the eventual winners of the competition.

This result represents tremendous progress for Dhoom, which, according to men’s captain Taylor Sanders, CC’13, was not even accepted to the Boston competition last year. Bwog extends its heartiest congratulations to all!

South Asia via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. no more dance groups


  2. Anonymous  

    Congrats to Siddhi and the rest of Dhoom!! You guys totally deserve it =)

  3. Anonymous  

    An amazing weekend with the most wonderful team I could have ever hoped to dance with! :) Thanks for the support of the general CU community, and HUGE shout out to the other teams competing. They made us proud of call ourselves a fusion team!

  4. Dhoomie Fangirl  

    DHOOM YOU HAVE COME SO FAR!!!!! all your hard work really paid off and it shows! You were amazing at glass house as well!

  5. really simple  

    they said something really dumb so I responded with something just as dumb. I just went to their level.

  6. SheilaKiJawani  


  7. Dhoom Dhoom Dhoom Gotta Get That

    Dhoom is nothing without the support of the Columbia community - thank you! We hope you guys continue to follow us on campus and we hope to continue to compete and represent the Lions, Bollywood style!

  8. Anonymous  

    Also- Dhoom competed against over 70 other teams to even get to compete in this competition!!! What an accomplishment.

  9. Anonymous

    i can't get over how cliquey browntown is

  10. Dhoom

    may have won, but there was a distinct lack of Raahi Sheth. Congratulations, though!

  11. Anonymous

    The team's a browntown team, it counts

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