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Go for it, buddy.

CCSC guru Sara Ngu delivers the State of the CCSC in bullet point form for your easy consumption. Barack, take note. 


  • Class council drama ends: CC 2014 put up a “roaring” fight, contacted Columbia’s General Counsel, and got Athletics to grant them an exception to use their logo on class t-shirts.
  • CCSC gives you cash: Kevin Zhai strips into a speedo to convince you that your awesome student idea is worth funding (finally doing something with that $79k budget).
  • Dining improvements: Dining Services has implemented a lot of changes after CCSC canvassing. CC 2015 is working on a big change to open Butler Java until 2am Mon-Thurs, in exchange for closing Cafe 212 at 8pm instead of 10pm (take poll to cast vote). The biggest thing left is that dangerous staircase in Ferris, which ESC 2015 is working on. Conan, CC’14 President, jokingly suggested that someone should just get injured on that staircase to prove its a hazard.


  • Space, space, space: The Manhattanville expansion is primarily for  graduate schools, but we lucky undergraduates (plus GSAS) get to keep the leftovers: who will take over the vacated buildings such as the Business School? The Student Affairs Committee of the Senate is writing a report assessing student space needs on campus that’ll be released this April.
  • Alcohol waste: Alex Jasiulek is working to allow student groups to save their leftover alcohol. Under current policy, all leftover alcohol must be disposed of at the end of an event. “It bothers me as an Irish man to see alcohol wasted,” Barry Weinberg, head of SGB, said.
  • Student Space: Instead of revamping Lerner Piano Lounge & Broadway room, the plan now is to redo SGO and convert part of it into a “chill-out” student lounge.
  • Peer advisors: Jared Odessky is working with Dean Rinere from Center of Student Advising to launch a peer-advising program in which students would be trained to advise other students on academic options. These advisors would be available at night after CSA closes.
  • Financial aid: Costs have skyrocketed since Columbia instituted its “no-loan” policy, and administration is currently reviewing it. Barry Weinberg is in talks to put together a faculty Committee on Financial Aid & Admissions.

money shot via yourCCSC.com

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  1. Anonymous

    Keep cafe 212 open too. I like that spiral staircase, very regal. The opening of Manhattanville will be a big boon to the main Morningside undergraduate campus as many buildings will eventually open such as Uris and IAB, and parts of others.

    • who

      are you

      undergrads are going to have to fight tooth and nail for that leftover space. in the end it all comes down to money and cc/seas probably have the least of it.

    • CC 15  

      Dining's budget is completely self-funded (the money they get from meal plans is pretty much the only money they have). Thus, any increase in hours in one location must result in less available hours in another location, because Dining needs to balance its budget. Late night labor is paid more than evening labor, so an opening of Butler cafe until 2 am requires an earlier closing of Cafe 212. Cafe 212 was the selected option, because the 8 - 10 pm Mon-Thurs is the least trafficked time and location of any Dining service on campus.

  2. Nate ESC  

    I think adding things like "(finally doing something with that $79k budget)" is really not helpful.

    It's been made abundantly clear that the student councils have resources available to aid student groups/projects/events... this is just an extension of that, and I think it's a solid idea!

  3. But like

    can we talk about kevin zhai

  4. Anonymous  

    SGO Renovation- So there will be even fewer spaces for student groups to meet? I'm all for redoing the space but they should really keep some office space that doesn't necessarily need to be reserved.

  5. SEAS '13  

    "No-loan" policy.

    Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  6. CC '12

    Bless you, Alex Jasiulek. It's really heartbreaking to see perfectly good liquor get poured/thrown out when it could be saved for another event or repurposed for general debauchery.

  7. Anonymous  

    Kan I haz Kevin Zhai?

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