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Earlier this month, aspiring Columbia app-makers competed in DevFest. One of the featured teams was Mason Silber, Sidharth Shanker, and Zach Reitano, who created ParkAlly. ParkAlly is now entered in NYC’s BigApps competition, which relies on public voting. They are currently less than 10 votes away from first place, so let’s throw them a little love.

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  1. cool app  

    but weird video...

  2. weird app  

    and weird video.
    but, i would use an app that did this for FREE.
    it would work like couchsurfing.org, and rely on people's decency (not greed), and the motivating factor of good ratings so people give you spots later on.

  3. ok let me get this straight

    The entire premise of the video is that ParkAlly will help you get laid.

  4. Anonymous  


  5. Indian dude

    is just creepy.. anyone agree?

  6. Anonymous

    That was seriously the most adorable video I have ever seen

  7. Anonymous  

    I used to get laid by mason but then I took an arrow to the boob

  8. Anonymous

    This is fantastic!

  9. Anonymous  

    sid's the man!! go sid and mason! you dudes rock! advanced programming! rock on!!!!

  10. Anonymous  

    i love zach, what a cool kid! this seems creative and the video is cute..hope they win!

  11. ...  

    interesting idea, but it has a bit of a short lifespan. san francisco rolled out sfpark a while back, which uses realtime data from their "muni meters" to deliver realtime parking availability via smartphones.

    that said, short time horizons aren't a total buzzkill. a company called lala rolled out a cd exchange service in '05-'06 despite the fact that the days of cds were numbered. they flailed around a bit as the business from that started to wane, but in the process of doing so built some stuff that apple really wanted and they were able to sell the whole thing off at a profit to apple.

  12. Anonymous  

    My balls would look good on Shai's chin

  13. Anonymous  

    this is just an excuse for that kid to show off his black benz.
    also it's been done before: https://parkingauction.com/

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