Bwoglines: Forever Alone Edition

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This doesn't have to be you today!

To get off to a bright start: some think that it might not be that bad to be alone. Become part of the debate on the pros and cons of living solo. (NYT)

After you make your decision and fall into inevitable despair, New York tells you how to drink tonight based on your personal situation…(NY Mag)

…or you could sit in your single with cheap red wine listening to “Someone Like You.” No one will judge you for the tears – it’s been scientifically proven that Adele makes you cry. (WSJ)

Soothe your angst with a slightly bitter Valentine’s Day mad-lib, perhaps played with that shy floor mate you’ve never spoken to. Love could blossom through overly thought out puns – how else do relationships start here? (NYT)

And if you’re craving some real news that is actually relevant: Columbia researchers have made new discoveries about the spread of Alzheimer’s through the brain. There’s one thing to be happy about today besides stealing your neighbor’s Ferrero Rocher.  (NY Daily News)

Pre-pre-teen angst via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. this spoke  

    straight to my cold black heart.

  2. Liz Lemon  

    Insert 30 Rock reference here.

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