Bwoglines: Your V-Day, But Worse Edition

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At least you don't look like this!

Did you kick back with a favorite salty snack? At least you didn’t spend 2.7 billion on it.  (CNN)

Did Valentine’s with your sweetie fall short of expectations? At least you’re not being charged with disorderly conduct to the second degree. (LA Times)

Did you seek love in wildlife? At least—unlike Shakira—you probably had the sense not to pet a sea lion. (Facebook, NY Daily News)

Did you hit the books? At least you weren’t featured on Huffington Post’s slideshow of “depressing” college Valentine’s plans. Nor were you a “Lin-sane” Harvard student featured for–GASP!–“skipping reading” to watch the NBA. (HuffPo)

Unfriendly ‘pet’ via Wikimedia Commons


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