Jacob Andreas, SEAS ’12, Won a Churchill Scholarship

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Doing him proud

Last week, Jacob Andreas became the first Columbia student since 1963—and the second in our school’s history—to be offered the prestigious Churchill Scholarship. The prize allows graduating seniors the opportunity to pursue studies in the fields of science, math, and engineering at the University of Cambridge for one year, where Andreas is looking to obtain a master’s degree in computer science.

Andreas has been involved in the study of natural language processing throughout most of his time at Columbia, and will dedicate the majority of his year at Cambridge to working on a research project rather than taking classes. He credits a lack of awareness about the award for Columbia’s comparatively meager number of Churchill Scholarship winners, and stated that “Nobody else even applied.”

Bwog extends congratulations to Jacob, and wishes him the best of luck at Cambridge as he continues to bring the robot revolution ever closer.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Jacob Andreas is SO CUTE. Watch out, England.

  2. Adam and John  

    You're soo0 pretty!!!

  3. I can't remember

    the last time i did anything amazing. This kid seems really smart.

  4. Dan

    Wooo! Doing Philo proud, Mr. Andreas! Surgam (or "surges," or possibly "surrexeris")!

  5. Jacob Andreas facts

    Jacob Andreas doesn't know whether P=NP, but he doesn't care because he built a non-deterministic Turing machine.

    Jacob Andreas wrote an implementation for HTCPCP that was both short and stout.

    Jacob Andreas tested his N-gram analyzer on its own source code. All counts were one because Jacob Andreas refactors away all repetition.

    Jacob Andreas gave the dining philosophers type II diabetes.

    Jacob Andreas's first hello world program is considered prior art for all software patents.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratulations! It is true that not as many Columbians apply for Rhodes, Marshall, Churchill scholarships, etc, as compared to other ivies. We need to increase this.

  7. Anonymous  

    As if all my CS TA's weren't intimidating enough...

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