Drinking With Bwog: The Third Dimension

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Gosh, doesn’t Drinking with Bwog always look like so much fun? Pretty complicated, though.  So today, you can try something different, in case you, ahem, have trouble getting those ingredients. Today, we’ll pick the game, you pick the liquid. Looking for that pre-Dodge buzz? Try Gatorade! Hitting Butler hard tonight? Try coffee! Gearing up for John Jay brunch? It’s OJ time. For those of you out there giving alcohol a go, play it safe. Remember what AlcoholEdu taught you and if it’s your first time, ask eHow.

In this week’s segment, we bring you the pinnacle of all drinking games, 3-D Beer Pong.

Six-cup bases are largely inadequate, but acceptable.

You Will Need:

  • 6 guys or gals ready for a good time
  • 42 cups (preferably of the ubiquitous ‘red cup’ variety)
  • 3 ping-pong balls
  • One doomed table
  • Your preferred beverage

The Set-Up:

  1. Begin with a base pyramid of ten cups on each side of a long table (at least the length of a Carman closet door). Fill each cup with approximately three inches of liquid.
  2. Add the next six cups on top of this layer, and fill them with the same amount. Repeat for the 3-cup layer.
  3. When you get to the top, or ‘pinnacle’ cup if you will, fill it to the brim.
  4. Fill two cups on either side of the table, and fill them with water in futile attempt to ‘clean’ balls that have bounced on the ground.

The Rules:

  • 3-D Beer Pong essentially follows the same rules as traditional beer pong. On your team’s turn, each player will attempt to sink balls into the cups of the opposing team. That team must remove scored-in cups and drink their contents immediately.
  • In 3-D Beer Pong, you cannot score on a layer of cups until the layer above it is completely removed. Consequently, the first goal of each team is to sink a ping-pong ball into the full cup at the top of their opponent’s pyramid.
  • If a team tosses a ball into a layer below the top one, the opposing team must carefully remove the ping-pong ball without knocking any other cups into each other.
  • If cups collapse into the layer below them—either from being knocked by their own team or by the force of a ping ping ball tossed into a top cup—that team must drink all collapsed cups.
  • Once the bottom layer is reached, resume your average game of beer pong, for which there are WAY too many variations for Bwog to give a definitive set of rules. When in doubt, always refer to the experts.
  • The first team to sink all the of the other team’s cups wins bragging rights and bro-style high-fives.

As always, keep it classy, Columbia.

The Heights via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Errr...  

    "If cups collapse into the layer below them—either from being knocked by their own team or by the force of a ping ping ball tossed into a top cup—that team must drink all collapsed cups." ummm... how does that work if the drink is spilled when the cups collapse?

  2. Yea dude

    I mean like, Archimedes principle dude. seriousla.

  3. Anonymous  

    If you put a 1/3 of a beer in each cup, you'll need 14 cans.
    If you put 1/2 of a beer in each cup, you'll need 21 cans.

    You're welcome, CCers.

  4. Anonymous  

    -SEAS guy who didn't realize your name doesn't come back along with the comment after you fuck up the spam filter

  5. ...  

    as we wander through the labyrinth of decisions otherwise known as the human condition, occasionally the benevolent universe is kind enough to post guidance or signage. the effect of the signage can vary, if you're on a good or fairly neutral path, the signs are quiet, yet reaffirming... rarely but certain to occur at least once in a lifetime, they are loud analogues of red and white WRONG WAY or DO NOT ENTER boards. a good example of one of these once in a lifetime WRONG WAY events is when you suddenly come to the realization that you are in a place where beer poing is not only accepted, but celebrated and even innovated upon.

  6. Anonymous  

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    I'm 100% nigga

  7. it's a...


    bah bump, chhhhhhhhh

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