Fantastic (Free) Feline Festivities

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Now that they’ve won the right to use lion likenesses on their class t-shirts, the 2014 Class Councils have gone cat-crazy! Tonight, starting at 11 pm in the Lerner Party Space, they’re hosting a COSMIC CAT SPACE JAM RAVE // MARDI GRAS DISCO.

They’ve hired Spicy Special—not the drunk-food sandwiches, but the DJs who usually spin at New Campo, and they’re also providing free snacks and drinks. Most importantly, they’ll be performing free feline face painting, so you can look like a cool cat without blowing $20 on “sexy cat ears” at Ricky’s.

We only have one question: what do space cats have to do with the traditional pre-Lenten feast of Mardi Gras?

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  1. Kant  

    The CAT-egorical imperative compels you to go to this party. But don't just go to hook up—you have to treat it as an ends, not a means.

    /goes back to writing CC paper

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