1. at first

    I thought that banana was floating o_O

    But then I saw the string and I remembered that magic isn't real : (

  2. because the greatest love of all  

    is happening to me.

  3. Senior that wondered the same thing  

    Being at Columbia is like walking on a tightrope. It takes precision and focus--there is no room for mistakes and you must be certain that you will not fall after every step you take. Personally, I take the guy on top of the rope walk to mean anything that relies on you. Whether that be family, society, or the world and that is the real challenge. Most of us here can walk on a tightrope alone, but to balance that with a social life and responsibilities seems impossible. However, it can, has, and will continue to be done. Maybe that interpretation will help.

  4. JawnJae12

    Hold muh diiiiiiiiick!

  5. I gave everyone a thumbs down

    and what.

  6. Anonymous

    Success stands on the shoulders of many...

  7. the Banana King  

    Put a Banana in Your ear!!!!!!

  8. Hmmmm  

    I wonder how the pre frosh would react to seeing this pic. Social experiment, anyone?

  9. Freud

    Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

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