Overheard: We Can Always Dream

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What lawn-skating would probably look like

A passerby gazes at the south lawn tarp and imagines a brighter reality:

“Wait, so is this an iceskating rink?”

Keep dreaming, friend, keep dreaming.


Dreams Coming True via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    is the only point of the tarp just so that in case it snows and people decide to write stuff in the snow, whatever the write will become less visible due to the tarp?

    or are they trying to protect the grass?

  2. Anonymous

    Why can't Columbia put an ice rink on the lawn in the winter?

    A) Because it would be cheerful?

    B) Because it would be fun?

    C) Because it would enhance the undergraduate experience?

    E) All the above.

    Answer: E

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