Student Space Lounge: Coming Soon To A Glass House Near You!

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student spaceEarly Wednesday morning, the Student Space Initiative, a group that’s planning to renovate Lerner Piano Lounge and Broadway Room to create a new student lounge, had a “very, very good” meeting with Dean Valentini, Dean Shollenberger and Dean Martinez. The team, armed with a resolution by all the councils that support their initiative, came with design mockups and left with the approval of the Deans.

The big, tentative changes include the addition of game consoles and a kitchen for a cafe (possibly the Flying Beet) in Broadway Room, and a miniature stage (!) plus couches in Piano Lounge. Speakers will be set up to hopefully stream music from WBar or WKCR. The purpose? A space to chill out, not study.

Their proposal will undergo public reviews by students at town halls later this semester. The public vetting is particularly important—Broadway Room used to be a “student lounge” with pool tables but was largely unused, until students rallied to turn it into a dance room. The initiative is working with various groups who are currently using these spaces, including dance groups, to find a substitute for their spaces. You can check out the floor plan changes and additions here.

Illustration “via” Louise McCune

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  1. Who's

    showing up to bacchanal this year?

  2. Anonymous  

    The resolution passed all 4 undergraduate councils not just CCSC.

  3. Anonymous  

    Finally a student space!!!!! Damn you Tschumi!!

  4. Is it just me  

    or are these illustrations not a thoughtfully stylized technique, but actually just shitty drawings.

    • Anonymous  

      Why should they be "a thoughtfully stylized technique"??

      They're initial plan views showing the space and listing the alterations. Nothing fancy, just easy for any student to understand.

      How about you submit some less shitty drawings!

  5. wait  

    WHY AREN'T PEOPLE MORE EXCITED ABOUT THIS this actually sounds so awesome

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