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Ten points to SEAS for transparency!

For the first time ever, Dean Feniosky Pena-Mora is holding “Office Hours” (quotations not ours) for SEAS students to make their valiant, valuable voices heard. Make your way to the 5th floor offices in Mudd at 4 pm today for your chance at personal connection.

Here are some ideas for deep, probing questions if you’re stuck. We particularly appreciate “Legos or Lincoln Logs?”

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  1. SEAS

    Now how about some steamy office hours just with Nate Levick? That facial hair...so hot!

  2. Anonymous  

    Aw yeah! Thanks for posting this...


  3. Anonymous  

    k'nex>legos>lincoln logs

  4. SEAS Undergrad  

    Attendees, please complain about graduate students.

  5. Anonymous  

    Dude, why would he hold this? There's nothing wrong with Columbia and definitely nothing wrong with SEAS.

    Lower GPA's for grad school and jobs? Lack of professor involvement? Inability to switch to a humanities major?

    These aren't really problems that a bit of positive thinking and praying the gay away can't solve!!

    • alum '11

      yeah don't hold your breadth, columbia is so structurally messed up that none of the real problems you've stated will ever get resolved.

      • Nate ESC  

        Well, actually... we're are presently engaged in a push to get SEAS's average GPA made public to students... and employers. That way, they will have a very clear frame of reference when evaluating SEAS students against those from other schools. There is a meeting scheduled this coming Monday with the Dean and other administrators to discuss this very topic.

        • Anonymous  

          Although I'm a little worried that if our average GPA is made public, and it's really high compared to other top engineering schools (I bet it's higher than Cornell/Berkeley, for example), my GPA looks less impressive...

        • alum '11

          Nate, I'm not sure how effective that will be. When you go out into the job market, you're competing against students not just from Columbia but from other schools and these students have better GPAs. One of the biggest reason SEAS has a lower GPA is not just because engineering is harder but that there are a lot of students who would be better served by studying something else, except Columbia does not give its undergrad engineering students that option. Its either do engineering or drop out (very few can actually switch to CC which requires a higher GPA, in which case the students that do get to switch are really the ones who don't need it the most). That is a travesty and cannot be resolved by just publishing GPAs on transcripts.

        • despite what anyone says  

          im pretty sure there is a disparity in average GPAs based on major. it would be unfair and stupid to lumpsum and average everyone.

  6. si si si si si si si

    si senor seas si si seas si senior si si si seas senor.

  7. Monty Python Reference  

    I was so excited for this, and then they messed it up by writing "new" instead of "different." Poo :(

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