Drop It Like It’s Hot

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What would Snoop Dogg do?

Still haven’t learned any of the characters for that Elementary I Mandarin class you ambitiously signed up for? Have yet to attend your first Rise of Civ seminar? Today is the last day to drop a class for CC, Barnard, and GS, so print out that Add/Drop form and hustle your way over to Kent. Don’t be that kid to get one of those awkward “W”s on your transcript. Which stands for “Wow, you suck.” Or “Woe is Me.” Or “Why???” Which is what you’ll be crying when you check your Courseworks for the first time come May and see a nasty surprise on your transcript.

Here, we’ll make it really easy for you.

Snoop dropping that 9 am class via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    thanks, bwog! you really do care

  2. Anonymous

    if youre in seas, u can drop it l8r rite? thxxxx

  3. Anonymous  

    Rise of Civ is bullshit this year, fyi.

  4. Anonymous  

    What time do they close?!?!?!

  5. speaking of snoop dogg  

    when do we find out who's performing at bacchanal this year!?

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