Drinking With Bwog: Bringing Back King’s College

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they won't even notice it's missing

Winner keeps the crown!

Here we are with another fun game with which to consume your liquid of choice. ¬†Today we harken back to Columbia of yesteryear with this Columbia-centric version of the classic Kings game. ¬†Winner gets to wear a crown, metaphorical or otherwise. ¬†Play safe and remember what AlcoholEdu taught you: don’t be that guy.

You Will Need:

  • A 25 case of cheap, cheap beer (we recommend Keystone or Natty)
  • A deck of cards
  • At least 4 friends
The Set Up:
  1. Shuffle the cards well and spread them in a circle around a can
  2. Everyone fill their cup with beer, refill as necessary
  3. Somebody picks a card and complete the action associated with that card.  Continue this in a clockwise fashion.
  4. When the pile is out, if you can still manage the coordination, reshuffle and repeat
What The Cards Mean:
  1. 1s (Aces) are puns. Starting with the person who drew the card and going clockwise, everyone has to think of a pun. The first slow with the wit has to drink.
  2. 2s are news. Go in a circle and drop a headline about the GOP race. The first to reveal they don’t actually pay attention to the news has to drink, but also deserves a pat on the back.
  3. 3s are cheese. Everyone has to name a type of artisan cheese sold at Milano. The first to run out of answers has to drink.
  4. 4s are Core. Name a piece of art, literature, or music associated with the Core. The first who wasn’t paying attention in class or mentioned something about FroSci has to drink.
  5. 5s are SEAS people. If you’re in SEAS, drink.
  6. 6s are Columbians. All of the Columbia players, drink.
  7. 7s are heaven. Everyone has to touch the ceiling. If the ceiling is too high, everyone has to touch the wall.  Last person to do so drinks.
  8. 8s pick a date. ¬†The person you’ve had the most classes with has to drink each time you do.
  9. 9s are “Never have I ever…” Columbia style. Three fingers up and think along the lines of pushed the tooth, met PrezBo, left Morningside, and vomited on Low steps. ¬†First to have done three, drinks.
  10. 10s are people who don’t go Columbia but are visiting your friends for the weekend.
  11. Jacks are categories, Columbia style. Play the word association game with aspects of campus (i.e. class buildings, libraries, dorms). First who can’t remember that Harmony exists has to drink.
  12. Queens are Barnard girls. Barnard girls drink.
  13. Kings are toasts.  The person who picked the card has to make a toast to Columbia and everyone in the circle must drink.
Stolen repurposed crown via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. LOL  

    this is great; thanks bwog!

  2. Anonymous

    this game is punfect

  3. 30 rack

    25 case? Clearly this person does not drink beer

  4. 30 Rack  

    of Keith Stone > Nathletes

  5. Anonymous

    The cards can however mean different things if you want. Alternatively, play this as "ring of fire" by putting a communal glass in the middle and everyone pours in a bit of their drink. If you pick the last King or break the circle of cards, you down the communal glass and presumably, vomit shortly afterwards. It's fun.

  6. Anonymous  

    y'all are so bourgeois

  7. Anonymous

    Avenge Arnold Collery - bring back Arby's.

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