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No, that period in the headline is not a typo—some publications are just a little bit edgier than your good ol’ neighborhood weblog. In this installment of BwogSalon, we flip through the pages of the first-ever issue of one of them: Cult. Magazine. Read on to find out whether or not you’d be willing to drink its Kool-Aid.  

Cult.'s first cover

Name of Publication: Cult. Magazine

Edition: Premier Issue (Winter/Spring 2012)

Description: Cult. Magazine provides the best of NYC Cult.ure—food, film, music, art, etc.—through articles, reviews and essay by college students. Cult. is crafted for and geared towards the Morningside Heights community, although our cult.ivated philosophies hold true for all NYC dwellers and devotees.

Selected Article: “The Audacity of Boots,” a style essay on the history and current trends of boots in America. Men’s style cult.ributors, c.lb. and e.k. discuss the incorporation of boots into both formal and everyday wear. Read the piece here.






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  1. Anonymous  

    WTF BWOG? Post some free food events!

  2. Anonymous  

    wait this is actually amazing

  3. Anonymous  

    agree, how do I get involved??

  4. Anonymous  

    This is magazine is awesome and the fashion blog that provided all of the pictures is so cool! I just checked it out. Its called the-adaptation.com

  5. wow  

    the design reminds me of clipart, but it's not even ironic. content wise, it's boring. no gracias.

  6. Anonymous  

    real review? i mean come on, this magazine is aesthetically unappealing (have you seen the fonts) and overall not that interesting. what is this, another plug that your friend begged you to do and you did cause posts are anonymous, anyway?

  7. Anonymous  

    they have good parties

  8. Anonymous  

    i mean it's ok for a first issue

  9. Anonymous  

    omg there are still so many things I need to do and see in NYC!

  10. Anonymous  

    cool! a magazine for st a's!

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