Town Hall Will Discuss MSA Controversy

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Tonight’s Columbia University Town Hall will provide an opportunity for students to discuss issues relating to the recent NYPD surveillance of Muslim student organizations. The discoveries of police reports monitoring Muslim college students across the Northeast have been covered by Bwog and multiple news sources in the past few weeks.

The Town Hall is scheduled for tonight at 8 pm in the Earl Hall Center Auditorium. University Chaplain Jewelnel Davis will preside over the discussion. Provost John Coatsworth, several school deans, student affairs deans and members of the Chaplain’s Council will also participate in the Town Hall. A CUID is necessary for admission; seating is limited so RSVP here before 8.

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  1. ^shut up  

    In all seriousness, we should demand a report of the investigation of the MSA. I would like to know what they found out, why they singled our fellow students and if this will appear on their records. Their 'spook' activity should be within the public domain.

  2. Concerned citizen  

    The Town Hall should also discuss the pizza-stealing squirrel controversy.

  3. former MSA member

    i find it hilarious that they started monitoring the MSA website all the way back in 2007 given the website was defunct and hadn't been updated in years.

  4. Admiral Ackbar

    This registration page: "It's a trap!"

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