Bwoglines: Leap Year Edition

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This guy knows what he's doing on Leap Day, do you?

This extra day of the year reminds Bwog that life is short and that we’re all pretty lucky to be here. (Wired)

Maybe we should reconsider what we put in our mixers. (MSNBC)

And we may or may not reneg making fun of all those Valley Girls. Turns out they’re, like, trend setters. (NYT)

We won’t  forget about the little guy. (The Register Guard)

And it seems like playing World of Warcraft increases your spatial abilities. Maybe we should join our gaming roommates after all. (The Atlantic)

The Boss via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. spacial  

    but apparently not our spelling abilities :(

  2. Anonymous  

    WoW! Come see me on Tich bitches!

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