QuickTix: Tell Me Something Good

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Thinking about going to some awesome CUarts events but just can’t choose which one? Bwog’s Beat for the Tic box gives you the skinny to stay young and hip with the kids.

Best sellers last week:

  • Columbia University V-Day: Vagina Monologues
  • King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe: Egg and Peacock 24 -Hour Play Festival
  • Orchesis: Unearthed: MaMa Project 2012
  • Black Heritage Month: Black is the New Black 

Columbia events on sale now:

Off-campus events on sale now:

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  1. Anonymous  

    Tickets for the Born in Flames tour have been reduced to $4 for students before Friday!

  2. Anonymous  

    CSC's Lunar Gala is also selling tickets at the TIC for $10, for Saturday March 3rd!

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