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While one of our Bwoggers was visiting another college experiencing some wholesome fun with friends (at least that’s what they told their parents), they picked up a couple of games that really got the party started. There’s more to these games than meets the eye, and require a little more than just super fast reflexes. But, remember, as much as Bwog hates to admit it, we’ve all got limits. Whatever liquid you choose, be wise.

The Settlers of Catan

There are board games, and then there’s The Settlers of Catan. The game, whose rules you’ll find at its website may not bode well for some Columbians who find its implications about colonization a tad problematic, but it sure is fun. Now, the way to add drinks to the mix does not involve too much deviation from the basics. Bwog diligently reported through empirical testing and found these two rule changes to be the most effective for maximal fun.

  • If one’s hexagon has the robber on it, one can retroactively receive resources by shotgunning a beer.
  • Normally you can trade four resources in to the bank for another one. In this case, you can trade three in and a shot, for a new resource.

This game involves the materials needed for a game of pong, amazing shooting abilities, and a bit military of history. It’s called Vietnam, though players can change the war and rules and the military circumstances accordingly. Bwog’s personal favorite is a game relying on the liberal opinions and speculations on Afghanistan, but let’s not carried away.

The Rules:

  • One side is the USA. 10 cups in a triangle shape like in beer pong with the cups not very full. The other side is Vietnam, with 10 cups placed randomly scattered around their entire half of the table, and all 10 cups are full.
  • If Vietnam makes a shot, someone on the US side drinks the cup and refills it (only a few sips like in pong).
  • If the US makes a shot, someone on the Vietnam side drinks the whole cup and that cup is taken off the table (now only 9 on the Vietnam side).
  • The game goes until the US gives up or lands all 10 on the Vietnam side. Both sides will be drinking a lot of liquid because it is easy for Vietnam to make a shot, but that cup gets refilled and remains where it is, while the US rarely makes a shot. But when they do Vietnam has to drink a full cup.
Game of Warriors via Humskoold


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  1. Vietnam

    So what you're saying is that America always wins, but will get severely fucked up in the process.

  2. Anonymous  

    do people play settlers here? i'd love to play! i used to play board games a lot with my friends at my old school. we would play settlers, puerto rico, powergrid, and agricola. i miss those days.

    is there a board game club?

  3. Anonymous

    Damn, I wish I read this before I just finished my game of settlers, I would have won in two shots for some more ore!

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