Bwog Meeting Tonight!

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Beach scene

"I wish I went to that Bwog meeting last week..."

Spring Break approaches, and Bwog wants you to begin it with no regrets. Remember, the memories you make and the free food you eat tonight at 7 pm in Lerner SGO will have to sustain you for the next few weeks! Join us at our weekly meeting to make or take pitches, contribute to the creative process, and laugh the night away. It’s therapeutic, and midterms are overrated.

Wistful reflection via Wikimedia Commons.


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  1. Are you going to

    review any shows that happened this weekend? Chowdah?? CMTS? Even Egg Layers (I don't know if you usually do department stuff). Please put up something positive about our community and the great creative work that people (columbia AND barnard students) do to counteract the obama-gate hate!!!

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