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The reach of Bwog’s tipsters knows no bounds. By that we mean that one of them occasionally musters the energy to venture below 110th St. for something other than an Absolute Bagel, and supplies us with such linguistic coincidences as this photo.

For some future generation of Columbians, perhaps this four letter combination will conjure memories not of that one night in Carman freshman year but instead of “Farro risotto with sage, Parmesan cheese, and wild mushrooms.”

Ca Va

Alternate reality

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  1. Anonymous  

    it's pronounced "sah vah"

  2. Anonymous

    it's wingardium levi-O-sa, not levio-SA

  3. Anonymous  

    Mmm cedilla.

  4. Anonymous  

    The food there is not that great...

  5. The more you know...  

    "Ça va" means (approximately) "how are you" in French.

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