Overseen: Ring Pop Royalty

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Bwog is no stranger to weird happenings on campus that end up going viral. This one, though, has us stumped. Is this some sort of Baccha90s guerilla marketing campaign? Who is the “ring pop princess” and what does she want from us? Is this her organization’s manifesto?

What follows is all of the evidence we’ve managed to gather. Knights of the Bwog comments, you have been summoned! Can anyone explain what’s going on?


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  1. hmmm  

    there's one in the women's bathroom on the first floor of butler

  2. Anonymous  

    Apparently the good souls @Butler310FILO are not fans:!/Butler310FILO/status/172183521358643200

  3. Anonymous  

    The good souls @Butler310FILO are not fans.


  4. Anonymous

    it's fine when it's chalk, but that's a stupid excuse for vandalism. come on people, let's keep our school pretty.

  5. Please  

    don't give this stupid bitch the recognition she so desperately craves

  6. Anonymous  

    One on the waterfountain on the first floor of Wallach

  7. RPP or RPV

    There is a "Ring Pop Vagina" on the floor of one of the EC Elevators.

  8. Also  

    In the women's room on the first floor of Wallach. Also, these have existed for weeks.

    Also, FLAN and DECOLONIZE have been popping up all over the eastern section of campus for a couple of weeks.

  9. Anonymous  

    There is also one on the floor of schermerhorn when you wall in/the stairs.

  10. Anonymous  

    These are so ugly...

  11. Anonymous

    ....why is something drawing these all over school? it looks ridiculous...i hope cleaning gets rid of them

  12. Anonymous

    sorry, meant "someone" not "something"

  13. DJ Professor K  

    This but unironically!

  14. Anonymous  

    there's one in the 3rd womens bathroom stall of 8th flr of schermerhorn

  15. dey

    all ova schermerhorn toooooo

  16. Anonymous  

    I'm all for funny posters but blatant (and meaningless) vandalism like this strikes me as disrespectful.

  17. well  

    we dont know that its meaningless. RPP could be an acronym for three best friends' names or somethin deep like that

  18. Anonymous  

    There's one in the Mudd stairwell too....
    Maybe someone just has a very interesting sex life? Tour de sexcapades?

  19. RR  


    Women's bathrooms, Wallach, EC, Wien, Schermerhorn 8, popular floors of Butler?

    So we're looking for a female art history major (only thing on Schermerhorn 8), probably a junior (as she could be living in EC yet goes to Wallach to hang out with friends), social enough to stick to Butler 2.

    Sherlock out.

  20. Anonymous

    I really hate what this person is doing. Please stop, it is ugly, annoying, and very disrespectful.

  21. Anon  

    Frealz. It's a nice drawing and a cool name but I think we're a little too old to be defacing school property.

  22. Anonymous  

    8th floor waterfountain in Schermerhorn

  23. like this status  

    and ill pm yu what i think about yu

  24. RPK  

    Ring Pop King seeking Ring Pop Princess....

  25. Angry Lord of the Photo Department  

    Whoever it is has taken a photo class, or is friends with someone who has. They're in the darkroom too and there's a password there to open the door.

  26. anonymouse  

    XD Did you live in my Wien single? Because I do, too...

  27. lolz  

    i know who it is!

  28. Anonymous  

    18th floor ec is my best guess of her locale

  29. Been curious  

    I concur. I live in EC where I believe these glyphs were first seen. I noticed that the symbol is also near the elevator on 18th floor (probably drew it while waiting). Also, living on a high floor would provide enough time to draw the symbols while going up if no one else was in the elevator.

  30. Anonymous

    Fayerweather bathroom 4th floor

  31. Anonymous

    and water fountain on schermerhorn ext 8

  32. just a guess

    but Andrea Metz? her fb cover photo is of several ring pops...

  33. Anonymous

    Some little white girl thinks she's a tagger.

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