Bwoglines: Progression/Regression Edition

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Planet of the Bears

Progression: That kid on your subway car at 2 am wasn’t trying to raise enough money for a Four Loko–a Penn State junior is paying his way through college tap-dancing on the subway. (NYT)

Regression: This is what happens when you rob from the Girl Scouts: or, how to get punched in the face by a nine year old girl. (Gawker)

Progression: Bears have been observed using tools: soon they will overpower us and give rise to a new nation. (New Scientist)

Regression: Know the historical origins of  your go-to insult. (Slate)

Both: The genius of modern innovation joins forces with New Yorkers’ pathological obsession with small frosting-covered muffins to create cupcake ATMs, coming this summer. #OnlyinAmerica. (Gothamist)

The progression of evolution via Wikimedia

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  1. Bwog  

    Center for Student Advising says they have sweet treats on the Lerner Ramps, but I'm too lazy right now to walk over there for disappointment. Can you find out what these treats are? Thanks!

  2. i guess now we know  

    which kind of bear is best.

    bears. beets. battlestar galactica.

  3. Anonymous  

    Bear cognition experiments would be pretty great.

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