Student Affairs Cares! It Really, Really Cares!

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Walk into Lerner today to be greeted by a smiling CSA Student Affairs representative toting an artfully arranged tray of !free! cookies. The wrappers display CSA success stories and fun facts, so you can feel good while you eat. Come get cookies on silver wooden platters and have Kev$ho smile at you!

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  1. Anonymous  

    actually, that's kinda cute. really cute.

  2. Anonymous  

    Stephanie King rocks.

  3. Anonymous

    i love my csa advisor

  4. Anonymous

    I sent my adviser a holiday card this year- I'm a CSA fan.

  5. Anonymous  

    they're all gone...:( free food goes fast.

  6. Anonymous  

    dearest bwog,

    hate to burst your bubble, but those cookies were from costco.

    lerner work-study student

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