Majors Don’t Matter In The Real World Anyway

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This kid majored in beekeeping

Hello sophomores!

As CSA has so generously informed you this morning, it’s time to declare your major! In case you haven’t heard, online declaration has already begun, but never fear–you have until 5 pm on Friday March 9th to ponder and panic and update your pros-and-cons list. If you’re ready and sure, though, click here to declare.

Now for the outliers. If you’re one of these majors or concentrations, you need extra-special approval with an extra-special form from the Director of your Department. Bring it to 403 Lerner by the deadline to avoid the blank limbo of failure. Here’s where to find them:

Architecture (310 Barnard Hall)

Comparative Literature & Society (Heyman Center)

Creative Writing (612 Lewisohn)

Earth & Environmental Sciences (556-7 Schermerhorn)

East Asian Languages & Cultures (407 Kent)

Film Studies (513 Dodge)

Italian (502 Hamilton)

Physics (702 Pupin)

Spanish & Portuguese (307 Casa Hispanica)

Special Concentration in Sustainable Development (Earth Institute
Office, 1408 IAB)

Underwater Basket Weaving (415 Dodge Gymnasium)

Urban Studies (208 Hamilton)

Visual Arts (310 Dodge)

Further, as CSA gently reminded you in ALL CAPS, you can declare (online) ONCE AND ONLY ONCE; so if you accidentally click Finance instead of French Studies, you are SCREWED FOREVER.

And don’t forget, “advisers in the CSA and in the departments are here to help you!” Take full advantage of the advising system in this stressful time, CC’14–that’s what they’re here for, right? (right?)

Unique paths of study via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    accidentally clicking finance instead of french studies is a blessing in disguise.

  2. Anonymous

    you're actually not screwed forever since you can always fill out a major change form in person

  3. Anonymous

    major in RELIGION homies you won't regret it

  4. cc 14

    fuck guys, seriously

  5. Anonymous  

    Physics is a really indie major

  6. Anonymous

    If you don't declare a major by the deadline, the system should randomly select one for you.

  7. Anonymous  

    Bad comma placement.

  8. lexi

    Creative writing is 617 Kent by the way

  9. Visual Arts  

    is the major to go if you want to take your work into real world directly. Columbia has a robust connection to and with the NYC art world and professional galleries museums. It will also force you ask the most deepest and disturbing questions about yourself, as you come to terms with your work and processes.

    • Anonymous

      thanks. I declared last night and was a bit ambivalent about it... as my friends were clicking "financial economics", but you just assuaged some of my concerns.

  10. Anonymous  

    Sustainable Development is a major and special concentration now, they both need approval

  11. lx alumna


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