Separation Anxiety?

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While most people travel during Spring Break so that they may escape campus/Morningside Heights/NYC, it looks like a group of underclassmen beach goers decided to comfort themselves with a temporary monument to our rectilinear campus.

Send in your pictures/stories/videos/life-altering mistakes from break, so that those of us stuck on campus can relax vicariously.

Created by Davis Goodnight (CC ’15), Alex Jang (SEAS ’15), Marlen Rosas (CC ’14), and Karen Ramírez (CC ’15) at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anon

    This is too cute! Great job guys! :)

  3. Anonymous

    Is the small black stone Alma Mater?

  4. Anonymous

    can see butler from my house

  5. Robin Sparkles

    sandcastles in the saaaand....

  6. Anonymous

    fucking losers...two days off from school and they cant function

  7. Anonymous  

    Wow...jealous, much?

  8. Jaded

    I am pleasantly surprised that there hasn't been more hating on this.

  9. Anonymous

    This is so awesome! Makes me actually miss Columbia during spring break. Way to show some semblance of school spirit!

  10. Where

    are the sand penises?

  11. Anonymous

    honestly this is fucking pathetic. these kids should be drinking heavily and forgetting about columbia; not remembering it by building sandcastles.

  12. Twitch

    But seriously, the only question that matters: will they let us on the grass?

  13. Anonymous

    i love everyone and everything

    but seriously, why is the word 'LUCIFER,' the second word in my captcha?

  14. this

    is amazing! well done, guys

  15. Anonymous

    Do one for Barnard and then have Godzilla destroying it!

  16. Anonymous


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