Setting the Record Straight

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See Colombia Travel, a Colombian travel/tour agency, posted this riff on a “What my friends think I do” chart on their Facebook page.

Little do they know, the DEA joke works both ways.

comparison via See Colombia Travel

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  1. Single Guy  

    Please point me in the direction where I may see what other College Guys are seeing

  2. The College Guys one  

    Are they supposed to be Colombian models or Columbia coeds?

  3. Is that supposed to be

    stephan vincenzo?

  4. Anonymous

    Anyone with a brain does not get them confused.

  5. Anonymous

    I dig that guys poncho.

  6. Anonymous

    this doesn't even make sense...also this meme was so 3 weeks ago.

  7. lets get it on  

    whoze on campus right now??????

  8. as a colombian at columbia...

    people get this confused all the time. no, i didn´t go back to college in colombia, and no, i wasn´t born in columbia university. seriously, the amount of people that ask me that is scary

  9. Jairo

    Yup, happens all the time. And those girls are all Miss Colombia candidates... Just one of many reasons I love my home country :)

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