Battle of the Collegiate Comedians

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Uncle Clown wants YOU

And unlike the weird clown photo you’ll see to the right, it’ll actually make you laugh! The National College Comedy Competition (sponsored, bizarrely, by Wendy’s) is on the hunt for the funniest college kid in America, and they’re making a stop here in good ‘ole New York.

Columbia’s NCCC Comedy team faces up against NYU tonight at 7 pm at the Gotham Comedy Club (208 West 23rd St.) $5 Student tickets are available by calling 212.367.9000 and mentioning one of the student performers: Torsten Odland, Bob Vulfov, Eli Grober, Bijan Samareh, Katy Olsen, Charlie Dinkin, Orli Matlow, or Alex Curtis. For those of you who can’t be bothered, regular tickets are $10 at the door, and there’s a two drink minimum to ensure that you will laugh at the lamer jokes. Go and laugh at your fellow students!


 Children’s nightmares via Wikimedia

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