Caption Contest: The Colors of Spring

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Welcome back! Now that it’s time to exercise your minds again, it’s time to exercise your distraction capabilities! How long can you spend admiring this image and coming up with a clever comment to go with it? And because it’s about 80 degrees outside, this week’s picture comes with a symphony of colors and tap dancers, inspired by yesterday’s joyridden jazzers. We know you’re still working your way towards remembering what a thesis is — but this should be an easy road to self-satisfaction! That is, if you’re good.

Cara Roberts for Bwog

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  1. lolzski  

    let's see: trees, branches, a winchester rifle, a rancher who looks rednecky, and people hanging off of said trees.

    my caption: insert cliche racist observation dating back to the pre-Civl War era.

    hint: think precivil war e-bay

  2. G. Williams  

    Quid sit futurum cras fuge quaerere, et
    quem fors dierum cumque dabit lucro
    adpone, nec dulcis amores
    sperne puer neque tu choreas,

  3. What you don't realize  

    is that Carl is actually holding a bong, not a clarinet.

  4. Anonymous

    this is beautiful!!!!

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